At Home Facial

When you can't make it to the spa.

By: Brandy Church

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Performing a Facial at Home:

The first step in having great skin is to eat healthy. Good nutrition is the building block for healthy skin. Drinking lots of water helps to hydrate skin and cleanse the body of impuries . You should get a facial done in a spa every season change because the changes in the air affect your skin. An advantage to a spa is getting advice and care for your skin needs from your technician. Be sure to find out and purchase any products you will need to maintain healthy skin. Facials done in the spa are going to be most beneficial, but of course we can't go to the spa every week, so here is how to pamper your skin at home.

1. Cleanse-

Wash face and neck with gentle cleanser.

2. Exfoliate-

Use a gentle exfoliate to remove the top layer of dead skin but don't use anything too abrasive because it could cause microscopic tears in the skin. Exfoliation helps the skin absorb moisture better. The trick with exfoliators is to let the product do the work for you, it is not necessary to rub it hard into your face.

3. Steam-

To make for a more enjoyable facial find a quiet place and pour boiling water and oils used for a facial steam into a large bowl. Make a tent over your head with a towel, hold face a comfortable distance from steam. The tent will help capture the steam, breathe it in and relax. Soak up the steam for about five minutes to soften the top layer of the skin and open pores.

Essential oils recommended for your skin type:

Normal: Mandarin and Lavendar
Oily: Lemon and Eucalyptus
Dry: Rose and Chamomile

4. Mask-

Apply a mask that is ideal for your skin type and skin needs. Masks work better while getting steamed. It helps to keep skin soft for better absorption of mask. Let sit for recommended time and wash off with warm cloth.

5. Moisturize-

Last step in your at home facial is the application of moisturizer that fits your skin care needs. The steam and exfoliation will help the moisturizer to absorb deeper. Give your face and neck a massage in areas that need smoothing when applying moisturizer.

Recipes for Masks

Normal Skin

Apple Mask
1 apple cored and quartered
2 tbsp honey
Place apple in food processor and chop. Add honey and refrigerate for 10 minutes. Pat onto face and neck until feels tacky. Let sit for 30 minutes then rinse with cool water.

Clay Mask
Basic fuller's clay (found at health-food store)
Or green clay for sensitive skin
1 tsp honey
Water (for richer mask substitute whole milk)
Essential oil
Mix clay two parts water to one part clay, add more water is clay is too dry. Add honey and few drops of your favorite essential oil to clay. Apply to face and neck and let sit for fifteen minutes. Remove with warm wet cloth.

Pumpkin Mask
1cup pumpkin, cooked or pureed
tsp honey
milk or soy milk
Mix gently and apply to face and neck let sit 10-15 minutes.

Oily Skin

Lemon Honey Mask
tsp lemon juice
1 egg white
1tsp honey
cup strawberries
2 drops eucalyptus oil or jojoba oil (optional)
Blend ingredients and apply to face and neck for ten minutes. Ingredient act as astringents.

Cucumber Mask
1 cucumber
teaspoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon witch hazel or 1 tsp mint
1 egg white beaten with electric blender
Peel the cucumber and run it through a blender or a food processor. Stir in beaten egg white and lemon juice. Put on face and let sit for 15 to 25 minutes then remove.

Pumpkin Mask
1 cup pumpkin cooked or pureed
tsp honey
tsp milk or soy milk
tsp apple cider or lemon juice
Mix gently, apply and let sit 10-15 minutes then remove with warm water.

Dry Skin

Avocado Honey Mask
avocado or 2 tsp avocado oil
cup honey
Few drops favorite essential oil (optional)
Mash ingredients together let sit on face and neck five to ten minutes. Remove with cool water cloth.

Pumpkin Mask
1 cup pumpkin cooked or pureed
tsp honey
tsp milk or soy milk
tsp heavy whipping cream
Mix gently, apply and let sit 10-15 minutes then remove with warm water.

Combination Skin

Rose Mask
6 rose petals
2 tbsp rosewater
1 tbsp natural yogurt (full-fat no flavors)
1 tbsp naturally runny honey (or warm in microwave)
Soak rose petals, then crush them in a bowl. Add rosewater, yogurt and honey. Apply let sit ten minutes. Rose helps to balance out the oily and dry areas. Remove with wet cloth or rinse.

Sensitive Skin

Oatmeal Yogurt Mask
1 cup natural yogurt
cup oatmeal
Few drops essential oil (optional)
For oily add couple drops lemon juice
For dry skin add two table spoons honey
Mix ingredients and apply for 15 minutes. Remove with warm wet cloth. Mask is soothing so it works great for chapped, sunburned or irritated skin.

Pumpkin Mask
1 cup pumpkin cooked or pureed
tsp honey
tsp milk or soy milk
Mix gently, apply and let sit 10-15 minutes then remove with warm water.

Blemished Skin

Tomato Mask
1 tomato, ripe, chopped
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tbsp oatmeal of old fashioned rolled oats
Blend ingredients together making sure the consistency is thick enough to stay on skin if necessary add more oatmeal to thicken. Let sit 10 minutes then remove with warm wet cloth.

Skin Brightening

Clay Mask
1 tbsp fuller's clay
1 tbsp honey
cup mashed papaya
Mix together let sit 20 minutes then rinse.

Aging Skin

Peach Mask
1 peach
1 egg white
Whip the peach and egg white together in a blender until smooth. Gently pat on mixture on face and neck. Let sit for 30 minutes the rinse with cool water.

Banana Mask
1 small banana
2 tbsp fresh heavy cream
1tbsp organic honey
1 tbsp oat flour
Bottled or spring water
Mash banana using back of fork, then add cream honey, and flour. You may need to add cream, flour or water to achieve the consistency of yogurt. Apply mask let sit for 30 minutes then remove with cold water.


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