Short Hair Vs. Long Hair

Appearance, Styling, and Maintenance

By: Brandy Church

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Short vs. Long

People who like short hair like to change their look. It will grow back and that is another change. Women who wear their hair short show confidence and are sexy and beautiful in their own way.

It shows individuality and that she is secure enough to be herself. Usually, shorter hair requires less styling time. If your short style is a big part of your daily routine, then maybe you need a different style that does not require so much work. Short hair has more salon maintenance, meaning it needs to be timed every four to six weeks to keep it looking good. You are going to need a good stylist to achieve and keep the right look for you. Good stylists don't come real cheap so be prepared to pay for their talent and knowledge. A bad cut really shows in short hair. Most salons offer a free consultation and no obligations. Go check out a stylist and see if they have a understanding of what you are looking for. As a stylist, I think it is good to take some pictures with you to help communicate with your stylist. If you are not sure exactly what you want, take several pictures with you to aid in deciding what you like or don't like. Also consider what will be flattering to your face shape. Watch and ask your stylist how to style your new cut. Be sure to pick up any brushes or products you might need to achieve your new style. Since your hair will need regular trims you can change your color more often.

Long Hair

Many think long hair is the only option for a women to be considered the ultimate bombshell. That is definitely not true, but many consider the long hair to be a defining characteristic of a woman.

Long hair's biggest advantage is the ponytail. Being able to put hair up in a style is a big selling point for many because it is a quick and easy style. Now, styling long hair is not so quick and easy as it takes much longer to dry than short hair. There are not as many styles for long hair. If you are looking to change your style for long hair your options may be to do shorter layers or have more layers in places like at the ends. Fringe around the face is very popular right now and can mean a huge change in your look. One way to change your look without cutting it is to try coloring, but within reason. Ask your stylist about damaging your hair. Overprocessing could mean a major chemical cut. Your long locks can be styled different ways by straightening and curling it, right now the fashion is to have some texture to hair which might mean letting your natural wave show. Trips to the salon will be less frequent for trims to keep style in shape visit salon every six to eight weeks. If you are trying to grow your hair out go as long as possible between cuts but if you are seeing any split or dead ends it is time for a trim. Don't be afraid to ask your stylist to show you different ways to style your hair and what is hot now. Then be sure to watch your stylist work to see how to achieve the style. The health of long hair is very important and your hair is only as good as the products you use be sure to pick up products that are going to protect and strengthen your hair type. Usually hair needs to be trimmed after getting highlighted but all over color every month is not as damaging and does not nee a trim every color. Hair that falls past the bra strap sometimes costs more at the salon to color and dry because a stylist has to use more color and it is more work and time for them.


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